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Healthy Fruit Pineapple Sun Sculptures

Our healthy fruit sculptures is held at our school once a week, we create beautiful, fruit sculptures which the children look forward to each week.   You will need: Wooden board Knife ( for adult use only) Plastic plates Sliced … Continue reading

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Nature Based Pre-Schools Are Best For Young Children

Nature based schools are gaining great interest with modern, working parents. This trend has grown over 800 percent since 2012. Nature based preschools with daily exposure to nature has proven to be a vital element in early education for young … Continue reading

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Promoting Healthy Eating Habits For Young Children Is Essential

  By teaching your children healthy eating habits, and modelling these behaviours in yourself, you will enable your child to lead a healthy life style in years to come. As a young child, my mother was vigilant about healthy eating habits and … Continue reading

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Banana Octopus Fruit Sculptures

Written by Julia Gorham Encouraging healthy eating habits for young children. You will need: Ripe bananas A chopping board A knife ( Adult use only) A marking pen To do: Place a banana on a chopping board and slice 8 … Continue reading

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Recommended Educational Apps for young children

Written by Julia Gorham   Hands on play, including outside play is the most important ingredient for children to learn. I am a strong believer of limiting your child to television viewing, iPads, smart screens, etc. however, during along journey … Continue reading

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Fruity Flower Sculptures

Fruity Flower Sculptures Written by Julia Gorham These colourful fruit sculptures were a great hit in my classroom and the children loved eating their pretty, fruity flowers too! You will need: Naartjies Purple grapes Green apples A wooden board A … Continue reading

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Paper Pirate Hats

Written by Julia Gorham Crafty fun for young children.   Just by folding used newspaper and painting, young children can make their own Pirates hats!  Our children had great fun this week, with their special Pirate hats!   You will … Continue reading

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A Useful Guide for Teachers Personal Progress Reports for Montessori Pre-School Children

By Julia Gorham A thoughtfully written narrative report is the best way to successfully convey the depth of knowledge you have about the children in your precious care. Your role as an educator is important!  At our school, we celebrate … Continue reading

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Butterflies from Apples and Celery

How do you persuade your children to enjoy healthy food? It often helps to create interesting forms to ignite their curiosity and desire to try different foods. Today we will share how to make a butterfly out of apples, celery … Continue reading

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Left Handed Children

By Julia Gorham Did you know that about 10 percent of the population prefer their left hands? And that genetics plays a large role? Did you know that left-handed children are generally right-brain dominant, they are often more creative, emotional and … Continue reading

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