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Toadstool toddler art

This art activity is very cute and is a good vehicle for practicing fine motor skills when breaking up pieces of polystyrene. You will need: -coloured card: one for the background, one red one for the top part and brown … Continue reading

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Opposites theme for Preschoolers

Opposites may be a fairly abstract concept for little minds, but as teachers we are able to demonstrate the basic idea using different art materials. You can teach opposites with gestures and placement of objects e.g. the ball is in … Continue reading

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Plastic bottle rockets

We’ve written on this blog before about plastic bottle aeroplanes, but today we’re going to share how we made rockets from plastic bottles too. You’ll need: plastic bottle card paper paint glitter Print out the rocket fins. I fitted 12 … Continue reading

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An egg carton bee and a stick worm

This week our theme at school was bugs and the children had fun crafting different kids of bugs. We also made snails out of paper plates and made a fingerprint jar of bugs too. What was really outstanding this week … Continue reading

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The Amazing Montessori Sensorial “Hands On” Learning Materials

Written by Julia Gorham Dr. Maria Montessori established that sensorial experiences begin right when a child is born. Children use their senses in order to study their environment. By participating in sensory activities, children can consciously obtain clear information that … Continue reading

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Sensorimotor Activities for Young Children

Written by JULIA GORHAM March 2019 Our Weekly Sensorimotor Weekly Programme Held At Our School Educators, Child Development Specialists, Physiologists, Neurologists and Paediatricians have proven that sensorimotor training can assist young children to a achieve more significantly in academic situations. … Continue reading

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As Parents We Would Like Our Children To Value Themselves

Written by Julia Gorham Doing and thinking for young children will contribute to lowered self esteem and undermine their self-confidence. You will create opportunities for your child to develop a lot of self-doubt by sending messages showing that you do … Continue reading

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A Child Develops A Sense Of Independence With The Montessori Dressing Frames

The Montessori dressing frames are an important part of the care of the self Practical Life Exercises in our classroom. Each frame isolates one skill of dressing and offers the child the opportunity to perfect this skill by repeating the motion over and over, thus helping her to become independent … Continue reading

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Young children and grief

Adults and children process grief very differently. Here are some tips from personal experience about what is helpful with a preschool child dealing with grief. Be Honest.  I was very open with Nicky about how things were going in hospital. … Continue reading

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The Art Of Effective Listening

Written by JULIA GORHAM The art of communications is based upon mutual respect and this means that both parent and child allow one another to express their beliefs and feelings honestly, without fear of rejection, even though you may not … Continue reading

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