An egg carton bee and a stick worm

This week our theme at school was bugs and the children had fun crafting different kids of bugs. We also made snails out of paper plates and made a fingerprint jar of bugs too. What was really outstanding this week were two very cute bugs which were created from egg cartons and a simple stick.

There’s a lot of things you can do with egg cartons, and there are some ingenious ideas from our local blogger lately: check out Harassed Mom‘s bugs (love the toothprick legs) and In These Stilettos firetruck and police car vehicles.


You will need:

egg carton (two compartments per bee)

paint (yellow)

koki (black)

pipe cleaners for wings and feelers (black and silver/ yellow)

Google eyes


Paint the egg carton yellow. Make two black stripes with koki.

Make two holes in front for the feelers and thread them through. Take another pipe cleaner and make a figure eight and thread it around the middle for wings.

Glue two google eyes in front.


You will need:

A stick

A pipecleaner


Pom pom

Google eyes


Paint the stick.

Wrap the pipecleaner around the pom pom for the head and then around the stick.

Stick google eyes on the pom pom.

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