Plastic bottle rockets

We’ve written on this blog before about plastic bottle aeroplanes, but today we’re going to share how we made rockets from plastic bottles too.

You’ll need:

  • plastic bottle
  • card
  • paper
  • paint
  • glitter
  1. Print out the rocket fins. I fitted 12 of these on a A4 page. Then you cut out a harder piece of card for strength and put the fins on either side.
  1. Cut two slits on either side of the plastic bottle to slide the fins in. For variation you can make four fins instead of two.
  2. Use a circle for a point on top. Cut a slit in it and fold it into a cone and stick it on the lid of the bottle.
  1. Get the children to paint the fins separately and then the bottle. You can use silver paint for a rocket effect but yellow also works well.
  2. Decorate with glitter pens.
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