About Children’s Kickstart

Children’s Kick-start is a popular parenting site and has been selected as the Top 30 South African Kids and Parenting blogs!

Children’s Kickstart will inspire your children’s creativity, sharing kid’s crafts, providing informative parenting articles and MUCH moreAs Educators and Mothers, we will give you sound parenting advice and we hope that Parents and children will enjoy this wonderful parenting resource!

Children’s Kickstart was founded by Julia Gorham, a well-recognized Educational Specialist who has over 28 years teaching experience. She is the Founder of several Montessori Pre-schools and present Founder/Owner and Teacher at the Field and Study Montessori Pre-School. She is also a Corporate Crèche Consultant, Home Schooling Consultant and Contributing Writer to Parenting magazines, but best of all, a proud Mother to her daughters, Isabella and Gabriella, and has included several of her daughter’s favourite childhood activities with her readers.

Children’s Kickstart is a popular parenting site to inspire children’s creativity, sharing kid’s crafts, home projects, easy recipes, parenting tips, and more! Whether its kid’s crafts, easy recipes, or setting up fun activities in your home, we hope that parents will enjoy this wonderful parenting resource with their children!

Connection & creativity go hand-in-hand beautifully and each feeds the other and the family in ways you may not have considered.

“My favourite memories with my daughters were spending special time with them, creating beautiful daily artworks, including lengthy conversations, laughter and developing a sense of pride with their completed art activities!”