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The Amazing Montessori Sensorial “Hands On” Learning Materials

Written by Julia Gorham Dr. Maria Montessori established that sensorial experiences begin right when a child is born. Children use their senses in order to study their environment. By participating in sensory activities, children can consciously obtain clear information that … Continue reading

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A Child Develops A Sense Of Independence With The Montessori Dressing Frames

The Montessori dressing frames are an important part of the care of the self Practical Life Exercises in our classroom. Each frame isolates one skill of dressing and offers the child the opportunity to perfect this skill by repeating the motion over and over, thus helping her to become independent … Continue reading

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Celebrating Maria Montessori’s materials

Ahead of her time, Maria Montessori has had a greater impact on education than most people realize! One of her most outstanding contributions were her inventions of the amazing Montessori didactic materials.   She understood the importance of the hand-brain … Continue reading

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