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The Amazing Montessori Sensorial “Hands On” Learning Materials

Written by Julia Gorham Dr. Maria Montessori established that sensorial experiences begin right when a child is born. Children use their senses in order to study their environment. By participating in sensory activities, children can consciously obtain clear information that … Continue reading

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Sensorimotor Activities for Young Children

Written by JULIA GORHAM March 2019 Our Weekly Sensorimotor Weekly Programme Held At Our School Educators, Child Development Specialists, Physiologists, Neurologists and Paediatricians have proven that sensorimotor training can assist young children to a achieve more significantly in academic situations. … Continue reading

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As Parents We Would Like Our Children To Value Themselves

Written by Julia Gorham Doing and thinking for young children will contribute to lowered self esteem and undermine their self-confidence. You will create opportunities for your child to develop a lot of self-doubt by sending messages showing that you do … Continue reading

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Recommended Educational Apps for young children

Written by Julia Gorham   Hands on play, including outside play is the most important ingredient for children to learn. I am a strong believer of limiting your child to television viewing, iPads, smart screens, etc. however, during along journey … Continue reading

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A Useful Guide for Teachers Personal Progress Reports for Montessori Pre-School Children

By Julia Gorham A thoughtfully written narrative report is the best way to successfully convey the depth of knowledge you have about the children in your precious care. Your role as an educator is important!  At our school, we celebrate … Continue reading

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Left Handed Children

By Julia Gorham Did you know that about 10 percent of the population prefer their left hands? And that genetics plays a large role? Did you know that left-handed children are generally right-brain dominant, they are often more creative, emotional and … Continue reading

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Sorting Buttons

Written by Julia Gorham What a fun activity to do at home with your child.  This game gives your child experience in dividing objects into sets which a good experience for mathematics. What you need; Small containers or small dishes … Continue reading

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How Parents Can Accelerate Their Child’s Cognitive Ability

Written by Julia Gorham In preschool years the effect of a child’s home environment and parent’s behaviour is vital. It is in this age period that parents will have the greatest effect on their child’s cognitive development. In middle childhood, … Continue reading

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Why Montessori?

By Julia Gorham   If you’re trying to decide on the right schooling for your child, and you’ve come across Montessori and don’t quite know what it entails, or why it would be the best option, here are some reasons … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect

By Julia Gorham “Repetition is the secret of perfection”  Maria Montessori   Remember the saying “Practice Makes Perfect?”  In our Montessori environment, the Montessori learning materials are designed to support learning through repetition. Repetition is a characteristic of a child’s … Continue reading

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