Practice Makes Perfect

By Julia Gorham

“Repetition is the secret of perfection”

 Maria Montessori


Remember the saying “Practice Makes Perfect?” 

In our Montessori environment, the Montessori learning materials are designed to support learning through repetition. Repetition is a characteristic of a child’s “‘sensitive period”  where a child learns a new skill with the greatest of ease.

The Montessori materials, which are multi-sensory learning tools, teach children how to problem solve and self-correct through repetition and practice.

By working with the Montessori materials, children develop an understanding of abstract concepts, through hands-on experiences.


Montessori herself said, to paraphrase: “Everyone can read Shakespeare, but how many people truly understand it?” This leads us back to the question of repetition. Why repetition? Well, it helps us focus. It helps us concentrate. It gives us confidence. It also helps us to “perfect” and refine our senses, as we learn to navigate and appreciate the world. Repetition takes perseverance and determination. What beautiful characteristics to develop!

  • Repetition increases success.
  • Repetition of work will allow children to practice, master, and retain the material.
  • Daily repetition will give much needed practice and reinforcement.
  • Some children are such careful observers while other children need more repetition and hands-on practice before they master a particular concept.
  • The  child learns through repetition and memorization.
  • Through repetition of movement, improvement is made.
  • Through repetition, the Montessori child is able to differentiate between the slightest differences and variations in the world around him.


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