Sensorimotor Activities for Young Children

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March 2019

Our Weekly Sensorimotor Weekly Programme Held At Our School

Educators, Child Development Specialists, Physiologists, Neurologists and Paediatricians have proven that sensorimotor training can assist young children to a achieve more significantly in academic situations.

Our Sensorimotor programme incorporated in our preschool programme is based upon observations made by Heron, Piaget, Montessori, Getman, Gesell and others.  Statements about their findings would serve to point  that Sensorimotor skills is essential to young  children’s understanding of and adjustments  to the world of persons, things and ideas.

A promising feature of our Sensorimotor programme is the effect upon the child’s feeling about himself, whereby he is able to help build his self image. Our Sensorimotor  curriculum is designed to appeal to the child’s natural instinct for play, giving the child to succeed in an familiar environment .

“The Montessori Handbook”

If, indeed, learning  is predicated on movement … if interaction with the environment is essential for gathering information  and storing it in  experimental unit for future reference … if out of movement patterns comes a system of perceptual match , relationships pre-requisite to concept formation…. if spatial, form and time concepts are natured in the direct bodily movements through space and time in patterned directions in early life experiences , then revelation of pedagogical practices is long over due, and the translation of known psychobiological principles is actual with sensorimotor programmes  which is  crucial in the increasingly complex word.”

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