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Encouraging self-expression with free painting for young children.

  “This is an essence of oneself”   Written By Julia Gorham     What our children love best at the Fields Montessori Playgroup and Pre-School is being presented with large sheets of paper, bowls of colourful paint and paintbrushes, … Continue reading

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Puzzles: The Best Learning Tools for Children

By Julia Gorahm Psychologists have determined that a child’s brain development is influenced significantly when a child acts on or manipulates the world around him or her. Puzzles provide that key opportunity. Children learn to work directly with their environment and … Continue reading

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Why Outdoor Play is Vital for Preschoolers

Written by Julia Gorham   The outdoors is the very best place for Preschoolers to practice and master emerging physical skills.   It is in the outdoors that children can fully and freely experience motor skills like running, leaping, and … Continue reading

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Your Child’s Emotional and Social Development

By Julia Gorham The Emotional Development of a child is fragile and an intricate process. It is important to note that a child’s emotional development is equally important as his intellectual intelligence. If your child does not feel emotionally secure, … Continue reading

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Movement and a Child’s Brain Development

By Julia Gorham No one can emphasize enough the importance of brain development in early childhood education. Today’s developing technology and research have allowed us to learn more about the brain, how it works, and the critical periods for its … Continue reading

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Mark Art Part of Your Child’s Daily Routine

By Julia Gorham Incorporate art-making into your child’s playtime at home.    Make an art-zone if you want to isolate the mess.  Tape down paper for them to draw on and spill on, and make a smock out of old … Continue reading

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Language Development Guide for Young Children

By Julia Gorham Language development is absolutely essential for the normal and complete development of every human being. Although language development is complex, children learn to speak their home language with ease in only 4 years of age. Language development … Continue reading

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Music and Movement

“Movement through music means active listening, whereby a child adds to their understanding of their feelings about the sounds that they hear in their environment “ (Crencec, et al) When young learners hear music playing, their bodies feel the music … Continue reading

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Identifying high quality teaching programmes for your child

By Julia Gorham Children’s growth and development are shaped and influenced by their environment. Growth is enhanced through nurturing and responsive care. Children’s intellectual and psychological development are fostered through a stimulating environment that provides new challenges, opportunities for learning … Continue reading

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