Lolly Stick House

lolly stick house, ice cream stick houseLolly sticks are a colourful, cheerful addition to any artwork and you can use them in mutiliple ways. You can make a lolly stick house / ice cream stick house using both coloured and plain sticks and decorate them. 


You will need:


  • Lolly sticks/ tooth picks
  • Strong glue
  • A 4 cardboard
  • Cut out triangle
  • Crayons



  • Ask your child to place glue on each lolly stick from top to bottom and to paste the lolly sticks closely side by side in the middle of the A4 paper to form a square.
  • Your child can either cut out a traced triangle or you can provide a cut out triangle to paste above the lollysticks to create a roof for the house.
  • Using wax crayons your child can complete his /her artwork by drawing extra detail to the picture.


lolly stick frame house, ice cream stick frame houseAn extension of this idea is to make a frame from sticks. You could use this to place a family picture in. 


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