Quality versus Quantity time with your child

Written By Julia Gorham



There is no doubt the quality time verses quantity time is an important ingredient in a building a happy and memorable relationship with your child. Spending quantity time with your child, where you are disengaged, or distracted will not benefit your child, but  quantity time will leave a mark.

The first element of effective parenting is taking the time to be with your child. Without this, you cannot employ any methods of good parenting.


Quality time is being alone with and interacting with your child. Children love to have you all to themselves and to make this time special with your child and you being away from everyone else. It is important that you are physically and emotionally involved with your child during this time.


What can you do?

  • Talk to your child or play a game with your child.
  • Quality time is engaging in a child initiated activity that your child enjoys doing.
  • Quality time is demonstrating through words and actions they love your child. Children of all ages have a deep need to be loved and cherished.
  • Quality time is the time that you spend your with children when it has a special impact. These are routine times E.g. just before you leave for work, when you return from home and at bedtimes that are important to children.
  • Quality time is when children need to connect with you and your comings and goings e.g. reading or snuggling with your child at bedtime .
  • Quality time is setting up a “special date” with your child, for him/her to look forward to. For example going for a picnic, visiting the zoo, doing a special art activity etc.


These are the times that count!


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