Tree Rubbings

By Julia Gorham

Tree rubbings are a great way to explore the garden or a park with your child, allowing them to experience the patterns of different textures from trees. The Fields Montessori children loved this nature activity.


You will need:

  • Pieces of white paper
  • Different coloured, long thick crayons, with crayon paper removed
  • Large trees

To do:

  • Take your child into your garden or for a special outing to the park
  • Place a piece of paper over the bark of the tree
  • Ask your child to rub the crayons vertically onto the paper, with long movements, left to right and up and down, until the paper is covered with a beautiful tee bark rubbings.
  • Your child can turn the paper at a different angles and use another colour to make it more interesting.
  • Continue with the next tree.
  • These special bark rubbings can be made into a special book as well as teaching your child the names of the different trees.
  • Your child can also make leaf rubbings from the trees as well.

What a fun, creative way to explore nature, hands on and learning the names of the trees too!

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