The value of playing games with your children

Playing games with your children is always great fun, but the important reason is that it involves your child’s participation with family, building lasting and memorable relationships.

All children are eager to participate in games which attract their attention; they will learn to wait their turns, count, match and learn the rules of the game. Games also encourage problem solving and memory skills. Games are excellent for assisting children to develop intellectually and develop fine motor co-ordination too.

Gathering together as a family, playing board or card games is priceless and of course your child will enjoy the competiveness as well! As adults we also can look back on our family fun days, playing games with friends or siblings.

The board games available nowadays are endless but the traditional games are always best. With young children you can invite them to enjoy simple games such as:  “snap”, “snakes and ladders” and “pick up sticks”. As they get older they will enjoy the more advanced card games, scrabble, chess, backgammon, checkers etc.

Games are ideal for any social occasion!

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