Wax Paper Hanging Hearts

By Julia Gorham

This is a beautiful hanging art activity. The children love to sprinkle the wax shavings onto the hearts and are delighted with the end result. These wax paper hearts look lovely when hung next to a window to display their beautiful melted colours.

You will need:

  • Cut out double sided wax paper hearts
  • Wax crayons
  • Shavings of different coloured wax crayons. You can add glitter too.
  • An iron (Strictly for Adult use only)
  • String or wool
  • Thick pencil sharpener
  • A punch

To do:

  • Ask your child to shave different colour wax crayons using a pencil sharpener.
  • Ask your child to sprinkle the wax shavings on the one sheet of the cut out heart
  • Place the top layer of the cut heart on top of the shaved wax shavings.
  • Adult only to iron over the heart, to melt the wax crayon shavings. (Place a sheet of paper on top and then iron quickly)
  • Punch a hole at the top of heart and thread with string.
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