Paper Bag Kite

paper bag kiteThis is a fun activity for children, not only in making it (exercising fine motor skills) but it is a lot of fun for them to run around and enjoy the streamers running behind them (gross motor skills).


What you’ll need:

-paper bag (plain brown kind, I got them from West Pack Lifestyle Centre)

-paint and or crayons





  1. vertical paint bagStart by getting the kids to paint the bags. It’s important though to let the bag stand up vertically if you want to paint all the sides at once. (Although you could do it side by side if you wanted). In the picture you can see Nicky really enjoyed painting every part of it. You can also colour it with crayons, as some of our kids like to do.
  2. Dry them in the same vertical way. I used plastic bottles filled with water.
  3. stringstreamersAttach string at the top. You can use a punch to create holes in each corner to thread the string through.
  4. Attach streamers at the bottom. Space out colours, fold each streamer in half and staple them on.
  5. Have fun outside running around with the paper bag kits. (Just remember to remind the kids not to step on the streamers!)

bag kites hanging

flying bag kite

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