Bats and Spiders Halloween crafts

These art activities make use of a striking colour contrast: between luminous oranges and yellows against black, silver glitter against black and white against black. It’s a fun educational theme to teach all about spiders and bats as well as giving your home some Halloween decor at this time of year. 

-White bat outline against black paper: There are a couple of things you can do with this idea. My original plan was to spray paint white paint around the white template. However the paint wasn’t the right consistency and got a bit stuck in the nozzle and what I probably should have done was splatter paint. Some of the kids had fun just pouring the white paint over the bat which was a fun process art too. Either way the white makes an excellent contrast against the black.


Handprint spider. This is a cute keepsafe of a spider on a web with a touching message. You could use this as a card as well. I used a cheerful bright colour for the spider but you could also use black.

Glitter spider web. I printed a black template of a spider web on black paper. We then put glue on the web and the kids poured glitter on top. Some orange food colouring was also added to give a bit of colour. Older kids could paint each part of the web with glue. Glitter is very messy but it’s also a lot of fun!










Toilet roll spiders. Stamping is fun! All you have to do is take a toilet roll and cut the bottom into eight legs. Place it in black paint and stamp away! I found you really had to press the legs firmly to get a print. 






Luminous bats. Take bubble wrap and paint it luminous orange and yellow. Put it on the bat’s body and contrast it against black wings. 

Then you can place google eyes on, make a hole and hang it up with string.


This theme was also fun to learn about bats and spiders.

We had huge plastic spiders and we counted their eight legs. We talked about how their hairy legs were there to feel the insects. We talked about how bats are mammals and come out at night (nocturnal). 

A favourite song to sing with this theme is Incy Wincy Spider.  

Do you have any ideas for this theme?

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