Paper Mache Bowls

paper mache bowlsCreating these easy to make paper mache bowls is a great sensory experience for children. Tearing the newspaper into strips and dipping them into the bowl of flour paste is messy fun and strengthens children’s fine motor skills too. What a great activity!

Your child can also enjoy painting the bowls with their creative flairs!

Your child’s paper mache bowls will make gorgeous presents for special occasions too!

You will need:

  • A bowl for your mould (any size)
  • Newspaper (torn into thin strips)
  • Maizena/ flour mixed with water

To do:

  • Place your bowl upside down.
  • Cover the bowl with Vaseline or sunflower oil.
  • In a another bowl mix maizena /flour and water into a semi thick consistency.
  • Tear newspaper into thin strips.
  • Place the newspaper strips around the bowl, pasting it with your flour mix, making sure that the newspaper is well covered with the flour paste.
  • Ensure that you bowl is evenly covered , and has added newspaper strips around the edges and bottom of the bowl .
  • Continue with several layers, smoothing it around the bowl until firm.
  • Place your bowl in the sun or in a low temperature in the oven, until dry and hard.
  • Using a knife, carefully loosen the rim of the bowl with the knife, and remove the paper mache mould. (Adult only)
  • Paint your bowl. You can also varnish your bowl after the paint has dried.




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