Mother’s Day card and crafts for kids

It’s nice to create something heartfelt from a young child to give to their mother on Mother’s Day, so we’ve come up with some ideas you could use to create a nice card or art work for her. 

For very young kids, such as toddlers, using body parts makes a really personal gift. These can be in the form of handprints, footprints or fingerprints. 

I did a really nice card two years ago using fingerprints: multiple colours around a central yellow circle for a flower, and green ones for leaves. You can write this poem inside: 

I made you a flower

With my finger and thumb

So you will have these memories

For all the years to come

Happy Mother’s Day!


You can also use handprints and even footprints to create flowers too. In this one particular picture you can see that the print of long green fingers were used for leaves too. 

mothers daymothers day

A stunning gift for mom would be to use salt dough.

salt dough handprint, mothers day

We did this at for the end of last year gift for the parents and it came out really well.

Another cute idea is to use recycling object to make flowers. 

Using cardboard, egg cartons, pom poms and straws you can make flowers on top of hearts.

Using a cooldrink bottle and skewer stick you can create these beautiful colourful flowers. 


Check out more ideas on our Pinterest Board. 

What art ideas do you have for Mother’s Day?

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