The Rewards Of Teaching Young Children

Written by Julia Gorham


When I followed my ultimate passion with teaching young children it was the best reward; and what a privilege and honour to be part of a child’s life.


 I hope that I will leave a lasting mark and make a positive difference in every child’s life; forever to come.

Entering the school premises located at the Field and Study Park in Parkmore, Sandton, there is a sense of tranquillity and beauty from the bustling hub of Sandton. It gives me great pleasure as I pass the horses at the stables, drive along the long tar driveway with tall, bellowing, evergreen trees on either side with views of vast, open spaces, including wild rabbits hopping by. This a place of heaven, for children to learn and grow in the best natural environment any school can provide, an ideal learning environment where children appreciate the wonders of nature.  

As I walk up the school garden path towards the school, I am greeted with great excitement by my beloved children, who shout out my name and run towards me with a warm, welcoming, beaming smile and hug. What else can anyone ask for to start their day?

I am so fortunate that I receive the tightest, heart warming hugs from my children at the school throughout the day. During circle time, the children are asked to sing their favourite song, whereby they sing “I love Teacher Julia, I love Teacher Julia” with their own melody and words of course! The rest of the children seated in the circle, will then swarm towards me, giving me more hugs and chanting the words to the song too. We also play the game “Huggy Buggy’ whereby, I will stand on end of the classroom with a child on the far end , we both shout together “Huggy Buggy” and then run as fast as we can from one end of the room to another, meeting in the middle with a huge hug and kiss.

I am told every day by the children at my school, that they love me “Up to the moon and back” and “Love you, to infinity.” The children that I teach, will draw daily beautiful, colourful pictures of my daughters and I, with strict instructions that I must pin their drawn pictures on my fridge at home. I am also lucky enough to receive voice notes from my school children, who tell me how much they love and miss me during the school holidays and weekends.

During our daily nature walks, the children will eagerly insist on holding my hands extra tight, singing the Beatles song “I wanna hold your hand, I wanna hold your hand” or ask for “piggy back rides” as we walk merrily to the stables or river.


Each day our children learn, achieve, discover, explore, accomplish, grow, play, conquer, sing, jump with joy, share, have fun, experiment, form friendships, appreciate, hug, smile, build, respect, listen, practise, dance, acquire new skills,create, climb, balance, run, ride scooters, go for nature walks, paint, draw, paste, participate, acknowledge, and of course lots and lots more!

But best of all, We JUST love to love!

My school is a close knit family with a sense of warmth, a never ending strong bond, where we work together as a team (parent, child and dedicated teachers) reaping, marvelling, sharing and celebrating the intricate pleasures and wonders of each child blossoming to his/her full potential.

As an Educator, to my past and present pupils:

I love you dearly and thank you for all the fond memories of endless fun, laughter and joy.

I will always hold a special place in my heart for you!




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