A child’s art experience


The joy of Art is everybody’s experience, the emotion of response, to visual art, the sound of music, the experience of dance and drama, art is all around us and will ever be so. Art is the chronology of social society like a mirror reflecting a history of creative expression. We are all part of it. Do we like what we see, hear, the emotional experience, and that of the personal involvement. Do we take responsibility for our emotional response to art whether we like it or not. Art is an exciting journey into self-discovery. A young child who has not at yet got full motor hand development will express themselves through drawing. Maybe initially drawing their arms in the air expressing themselves as in drama or drawing with their fingers in the sand. Later can come the drawing with coloured crayons with the challenge of which colour to choose. This is all personal expression of the self as the self develops. We experience visual art in art museums and art galleries; we go to theatres for drama, concert halls for music, cinemas for film, and all the arts now being brought to us through the electronic age. Through art we get to know ourselves. Our innate inner being knows form and space and what gives us comfort or distress. We are seekers of knowledge of the Divine and the outward expression of the Soul. The portrayal in art of the oneness, through diversity, of society, past, present and future is a record of the experience that is never the same. We are participators in art of the ongoing excitement of the discovery that we are an ever evolving civilization.

By Karen Mckerron

Karen Mckerron worked as an Art Guide at the Johannesburg Art Gallery from 1973 and established the Karen Mckerron Fine Art Gallery in 1983. She gained an excellent reputation for identifying and promoting many great contemporary South African artists. Karen retired in 2001 and lives in Hermanus . She is an active member of the Hermanus University of the Third Age and holds regular art support groups. Karen is the proud grandmother of 7 grandchildren.
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