How to Make Coloured Rice

recipe for coloured riceChildren enjoy sensorial activities and feeling rice between your fingers while enjoying the novelty of the colours is sure to be a hit. Here is a recipe for how to make coloured rice.

You will need:

– 1 cup rice

– Food colouring

– 1 tablespoon vinegar

– Ziplock bag


Pour one cup rice into a ziplock bag. If you don’t have a ziplock bag handy you can also use a freezer bag tied up with a knot on the top. (One mom also used an old margarine tub) Add drops of food colouring (the darker you want it, the more colour you’ll add). Add one tablespoon of vinegar.

Distribute the liquid evenly throughout the bag until you can see that all the rice is coloured.

coloured rice dryingSet it out on wax paper and it will take about an hour to dry. I left it overnight.



playing with coloured riceYou can use coloured rice for children to play with, but what is also nice is pouring the rice with jugs from one to other, pouring it through a funnel and running it through your fingers. It is also fun for them to identify the different colours.

By Heather Step


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