Fun in the garden


A few ideas for the garden:

  • Play ‘hide and seek’.
  • Let your child set up a tent in the garden with chairs, blankets, cushions, soft toys, torch, books and a few healthy snacks.
  • Plan a picnic. Prepare and pack a picnic basket with your child. (That’s the fun part!) Don’t forget a blanket.
  • Have a treasure hunt. Write simple clues on small pieces of paper and hide them in the garden. Examples :“I am long, thin and green and I am used to water the garden, what am I?”, “Where is the baby spinach planted?”, “Where do the birds go to drink water?”
  • Plant herbs in a pot and let your child care for the plant.
  • Make an obstacle course. You can use cushions, chairs, tables, hooler hoops, balls and evensticks.
  • Encourage your child to climb trees.
  • Pick flowers from your garden , press and make pretty bookmarks, placemats or gift cards. ( See kids crafts)
  • Blow bubbles in the garden.
  • Take walks in your garden and name trees and flowers with your child and talk about the plants and flowers. For example: This plant is called an agapanthus. It is an evergreen plant that favours shade and sun and bears a beautiful white or purple flower.
  • Put up a swing in a tree.
  • Make hopscotch.




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