Celebrating your child with memories

The time we have with our children passes quickly. But you are able to capture the memories in a special way with these following tips. 


  1. Capture your child’s artwork with photos.  

Take as many photos as you can of your child’s artwork. Use your camera phone as it is always at hand ready to take a snap. It is so touching to look back at your child’s artwork. Take snaps of your child’s artwork in the classroom, or perhaps a drawing that your child drew whilst waiting in the Doctor’s room. Maybe you can take a snap of your child’s paper mask he brought home from school or what about the Mother’s day card he/she gave you on Mother’s day? It is touching to look back at my daughter’s artwork and to see how she drew her first person with a round circle, two stick legs, two arms, eyes, and line for a mouth. You never know your child might be budding artist!


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso


2. Create a memory file for your child. 

Create a special file for your child filled with memories.  Label the file with your child’s name and year and once it is filled, start another.  Fill it with your child’s birthday cards, pictures, drawings, school reports and write down the special things your child said and add them to your file.


3. Make handprints

Make handprints everywhere! Children love this! Make handprints on pieces of pottery, T-shirts, on large pieces of coloured paper, Mother or Father’s day cards, on brown paper to use as wrapping paper or make a calendar and let the child make a border with their colourful handprints. It is endless! Children will love the opportunity to get their hands dirty. Make sure you have a wet cloth nearby and give your children’s hands a good wash afterwards. 


4. Fun in the garden

Set up a tent in the garden with your child.  If you don’t have a tent, use chairs and large blankets. 

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