Salt dough ornaments

Salt dough ornaments (Please see salt dough recipe  )

You will need:

•             Salt dough

•             Cutters

•             Toothpick

•             Mixed paint

•             Beads/glitter/sequins

•             Clear varnish

•             Apron

•             Paint brushes



•             Roll salt dough out evenly

•             Press the cutters gently into the salt dough and place aside

•             Using a toothpick make a hole at the top of each shape that will 

               be big enough to thread  a  piece of string.

•             Allow to dry for 24 hours.

•             Paint the shapes with  paint and leave to dry.

•             Brush the shapes with clear varnish.

•             Decorate the shapes with glitter , buttons and sequins while the

               varnish is still sticky.

•             When  dry, thread brightly coloured string through the hole.



The salt dough ornaments can be hung on doorknobs, Christmas or Easter trees, used as decorations on birthday presents and or placed in special  cards. Your child may also draw something special on his/her salt dough decoration. These ornaments are so much fun to create!

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