I Spy Game

The main aim of this game is to make your child aware of the  PHONETIC  sounds in spoken language and to make the process of exploring sounds and words fun and exciting.
Please teach your child with phonetic sounds only. Writing  of letters must be lowercase.

Stage 1

  • Choose   6 to 10 objects that will be easy for your child to sound out phonetically .  E.g. “p” for   pen, “b” for  book,  “c”  for cup  etc.
  • Place  these  objects on a tray or table . Pointing to each object , name   the   objects e.g. this is a pen, this is a book etc
  • Now you ready to start the “I spy game” with your child.
  •  Say “I  spy with my little eye “something beginning with…. choose an object from the tray and say the  first phonetic sound only.
  • Allow your child to  look at the objects on the tray  and choose the object  that begins with the  correct sound.
  • Prompt a guess if necessary and when you hear the correct answer acknowledge it by repeating the word and sound. “ a” for apple
  • Remove the correct  object from the tray and start again. “I spy  with my little eye”
  • Continue  with the game until your child has guessed all the objects.

Once you feel your child has gained confidence and is familiar with the first stage, gradually start increasing the amount of objects and repeat the process.

Stage 2

  • Make it less obvious by broadening the area.
  • E.g.”  I spy with my little eye “something in this half of the room beginning with ‘l’

Stage 3

  • Continue making the choices more difficult until your child is able to find the required object anywhere in the room.

Stage 4

  • Add a new difficulty . Your child is required to hear the sounds not only at the beginning but also at the end and in the middle of words. E.g. “I spy with my little eye” something beginning with ‘m’ and ending with ‘t’.”

Stage 5

  • Ask your child to  sound  out  each  sound contained in  the word.
  • E.g. please sound out the word “… “ eg  dog



heading to change – same as sandpaper letters

Extensions of the I spy game = same font as sandpaper letters heading(purple and size) See below

  • Trace a letter on your child’s back and ask your child to guess the  letter(remember phonetic sounds only)
  • Place sand/sugar/ flour in a tray and ask your child to trace the letter  (Please remember that  the letter must be traced the way it is written ) Ask your  the child to say the phonetic sound as he traces it and then ask” Can you think of any words beginning with  the letter I have traced?”
  • Clap out syllables  eg c – an- dle
  •  Once your child recognises her/her sandpaper letters  which is taught  by the 3 period lesson  she/he  will start reading phonetic words (Pink and blue boxes,  reading lists etc.)
  • Your child will now be ready to presented with sandpaper phonograms eg “th”  “sh” “ee” “oy
  • This is followed  by the “puzzle word boxes” e.g. “ the” “once” “for” (3 Period lesson)
  •  And many more Montessori  language activities.
  • Don’t forget to read to your child daily and  ask questions  about the topic being read
  • Remember to say precise words e.g. Instead of saying  flower  say  hibiscus.
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